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March 1999

  • Added Family Maintenance page.
  • Fixed hit counters on home page, and a variety of others I missed last year.
  • Fixed links on Fees page.
  • Added Cameron Schmunk to the site and to the links on all the pages.
  • October 1999

  • Added content to Cameron Schmunk pages [no longer available]:
  • December 1999

  • Added links to Century 21 under realtors in Bookmarks
  • Added PLEA lecture to Activities
  • November 2000

  • Added PLEA lecture to Activities
  • November 2001

  • DLCWest, our former host, shut down. We moved briefly to Net1fx, then to our current host, Webstrike Solutions. We registered our domain name, and made substantial changes to the entire site, adding many pages previously 'under construction'. We welcomed Jayme Day to our staff and site.
  • June 2002

  • We eliminated Jayme Day from our staff and site. We wish her the best with her new employment at the Department of Justice. We added conferences we attended.
  • 2003

  • Added SKLESI course on Legal Remedies to school.shtml
  • February 2004

  • Added PLEA lecture to Activities - Small Business Law - Lecture to Regina Central Library 02/03/04
  • March 2004

  • Added SKLESI course on Munipal Law to school.shtml
  • April 2004

  • History of our office, now with staff photos - http://www.hierlaw.com/resume.shtml
  • My bio, now with family photos - http://www.hierlaw.com/resume.Jaques.shtml
  • Shane's Affiliations - [no longer available]
  • Shane's Activities - [no longer available]
  • Shane's Work History - [no longer available]
  • Shane's Education - [no longer available]
  • Shane's personal data - [no longer available]
  • July 2004

  • Shane is now a fully qualified lawyer.
  • October 2004

  • Our ISP changed our secure forms procedure. We finally realized and repaired it.
  • January 2006

  • Added links to the funny and brilliant website of my son, Sam Jaques.
  • December 2008

  • Changes related to our move to a newer, nicer location..
  • August 2009

  • Added a Personal Miscellaneous page, to permit publishing personal files..
  • September 2009

  • Added pages relating to Secrets and Spoiler Guides for the Rubicon and Devil In A Blue Dress Scenarios for the Aleph One (Marathon) Game Engine..
  • December 2009

  • Added directories full of files relating to the MacIntosh Users Group of Regina Saskatchewan (MUGORS)..
  • March 2014

  • Updated fees, cleansed site of Schmunk and Kozakavich..
  • October 2016

  • Updated Continuing Legal Education.
  • June 2017

  • Added Commercial Electronic Messages Policy.
  • Please see the map of all our pages

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