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  • Attend to the crops to ensure they are planted, fertilized, weeded, harvested and stored.
  • There will be a Permit Book which permitted the deceased to sell grain. Request the Canadian Wheat Board to reissue it in the name of the estate, and to grant special permission upon its expiry (normally July 31).
  • The Permit Book will probably be at the Grain Elevator customarily used by the deceased. Tell the Elevator Agent to send the plastic plate to the Wheat Board, with a request that it be reissued in the name of the estate.
  • If the land was or will be leased out then the lessee can put the grain sales on their own permit book.
  • If the land was leased, find out what was sold (number of bushels, grade, kind, price, and percentage interest which the deceased held in it).
  • If the deceased was the lessee, the same information must be obtained.

NISA (Net Income Stabilization Account)

  • Unless, the estate intends to continue farming for some time, it is usually best to close the account and request withdrawal of all monies owing.

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