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Legal Secretary / Administrative Assistant / Executive Aide

Call it what you will, we need somebody to greet the public, answer phones, and perform an incredible variety of work ranging from watering flowers to drafting corporate share structures, from simple typing to designing layouts and databases.

You will be in many ways the face of our office, so you must create a professional and welcoming atmosphere. As a result, flawless English is essential.

You will be working in support of one or more lawyers and our office manager. So you must accurately manage your own time. You will need to find useful things to do when we are too busy to delegate, and to coolly prioritize and coordinate with us when we all do so at once. You must manage recurring duties and complex projects, never missing the abundant deadlines.

You will get training on the job, but must also teach yourself and solve problems. We are most interested in what skills you already possess. We especially value computer skills and legal training and experience.

Since we will be making a large investment in your training, we place great weight on stability and loyalty.

It is a full time position, but please inquire before or after employment if you prefer part time.

We will pay half your premiums for our Group Health & Dental Plan, and pay a wage ranging from $10.00 and up depending on experience.

We provide paid holidays as required by law, plus you may take up to 4 weeks of unpaid leave during a year, both subject to our approval of scheduling.

To apply for this job, download our Vocabulary Test and our Writing Test. You must be able to properly handle 'rtf' files. Fill them out and attach them to your email submission to us at applications@hierlaw.com. The Writing Test contains a very badly written letter. You must fix it so that it could be sent by a professional law office. Bonus marks for converting them to Microsoft Word format. Bonus marks for also submitting a resumé and/or a photo of yourself.

Good luck!

Lawyer / Junior Counsel / Associate / Barrister & Solicitor

We are always interested in adding an excellent lawyer to our firm. Financial arrangements are negotiable. Common types include salary, percentage billed, percentage collected, office rent plus expense, and combinations of the above. If all went well and we got along great for an extended period, then Partnership would be offered. We are not interested in providing a salaried position at this time.

We are especially interested in lawyers interested in litigation. We would provide you with all of our litigation files. This would give you with the running start that is so helpful to establishing a successful law practice. In that case, our preferred arrangement would be to pay you 50% of net collected fees, and we would handle all of the office services and expenses and equipment and worries. You would just have to be competent, honourable, licensed, and pleasant to have around.

We are a small, friendly office on the main drag just between the downtown and the warehouse district and would love to discuss the world of possibilities with you.

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